Dive into a fascinating exploration with us: are sulphites present in natural wine? This article unveils the mysteries of these wines, prized for their authenticity, and answers a crucial question for any wine lover concerned about naturalness and quality.

Natural wine and organic wine: two distinct concepts

A natural wine is often thought of as a wine with no added sulphites, but what is it really? Although natural wines are generally made from organically-grown vines, their vinification process differs. Unlike an organic wine, which may contain added sulphites, a natural wine follows a stricter philosophy.

What is a natural wine?

A natural wine is defined by a minimalist approach that respects the environment. This means cultivation without pesticides or chemicals, and vinification without additives or exogenous yeasts. Although nature wines are organic by definition, they go beyond the requirements of the organic label.

Sulphites in natural wines

The question of sulphites in natural wines is a complex one. Although sulphites are naturally produced during fermentation, their addition is generally limited in natural wines. Some winemakers choose not to add sulphites, while others may use very small amounts, often well below the limits set for conventional wines.

Certification of natural wines

There is currently no official certification for natural wines, although a Syndicat de défense des vins naturels is working to establish clear and demanding criteria. This lack of official certification means that the distinction between natural and organic wines is sometimes blurred.

The unique taste of natural wines

Natural wines offer a different range of aromas to traditional wines. Their taste, often based on the purity of the fruit, can vary significantly from one bottle to another. For palates used to conventional wines, natural wine can take some getting used to.

The challenge of producing natural wine

Producing a natural wine requires great rigour at every stage, from harvesting to vinification. This means harvesting perfectly healthy grapes and maintaining impeccable hygiene in the cellar to prevent any taste deviations.

A commitment to purity

In short, although nature wines may contain sulphites, their presence is generally minimal, in keeping with the spirit of a wine made as naturally as possible. These wines are the fruit of a deep commitment to purity and the authentic expression of terroir.